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Web51 block schematic Web51 is a complex project of connecting an Intel x51 compatible processor to a Realtek RTL8019AS network controller. The result is a low-cost and easy-to-use Ethernet interface. Since a well-known x51 architecture is used, even small and medium-scale businesses can now network their devices.

The figure shows a block schematic of the project. Click on it to see a large printable version.

Answers to the most common questions are in the FAQ.

Web51 Hardware

Web51 Software

Web51 - a FREE project? Can it be used to develop commercial applications?

The Web51 project is distributed under two licenses. The basic difference is the license type and availability of certain part of the source code.
Portion of the TCP/IP implementation is stored in the libk library. Its source code is available with our DESIGN KIT only. However, the free distribution contains several compiled versions of this library, making development (under the terms of GNU General Public License) possible.

Free version of Web51:

Free version of Web51 is fully documented and includes almost all sources. However, it does not include source code of the libk library, which is available for DOWNLOAD in binary, compiled form only.

Commercial license that includes access to complete source codes:

If you prefer, you may get the project under our commercial license, which does not require you to disclose source code of derived applications. In addition, you get access to the source of the libk library.

HW Server will continue to publish new examples and Web51 code. However, only control subroutines, communication modules, solutions to particular problems, etc. will be published. We are not considering a free release of our complete applications, which are distributed as LITE versions.

Web51 Distributions

Basic software is available for free DOWNLOAD.
Web51 is sold in two basic versions, see the ORDER FORM.

The DESIGN version is intended for development and comes with several options:

All products from the DESIGN series include full source code and a licence for first 20 commercial products based on it.
We can supply the hardware alone, e.g. for customers who have developed their own Web51 applications.

The LITE version is intended for final applications:

Details about the individual versions as well as current prices are on the ORDER FORM.
Application lite versions are intended for use as off-the-shelf solutions to particular problems and do not include any source code.

Information about the Web 51 project

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Any questions ? - Please email us - details in the Contacts, or try the FAQ - Frequently asked questions.

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