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Since version 1.12, the development system does not use any proprietary software (no Microsoft, no Keil.. :-). All tasks are accomplished by free, open-source software tools. P-Code instructions don't need macros anymore, native P-Code support is built into the mcs51-as compiler.


Web 51 is almost entirely written in I51 assembly. The GNU binutils package was chosen for compiling source code, subsequent linking (connecting user portions with library functions) and final conversion into a programmer-friendly form.

The binutils package was enhanced to support I51 series of processors. Its main components are:

The patch that adds MCS51 support to the standard binutils distribution is available for download.

Another addition to binutils converts binary files into Intel HEX.

Source code of bin2hex is available in the download section.

UNIX-like utilities commonly used in Makefiles were added to the DOS32 version (runs under W9x,...). Linux version contains links to their usual locations (tested on Debian).

Linux versions of mcs51-* and bin2hex were compiled and tested under Debian version 2.2 (Intel). DOS32 versions were compiled with DJGPP under Windows 98.

The above mentioned utilities are a part of the BINxx package.

Directory /bin may contain another utilities for ISP as well.

/bin also contains Perl scripts from the GNUxx package. These are:


These docs come from the GNUDOC package - DOWNLOAD



This directory contains libk and libw libraries used by the WEB51 development system, system kernel and a script that links individual modules and libraries into the final program.


Contains a library of CGI scripts for your HTML pages. Contains source code as well as binaries, in the distribution version compiled for use with libx80 settings.


This directory contains a set of example applications that demonstrate WEB51 programming. We recommend to store your own applications in this directory, too. The basic set of applications is described here.

FULL version of the development system is on the CD distributed with the Web 51 kit, which you can order here. Files in the FULL version of the development system are distributed under a proprietary licence that is a part of the development kit.

Free version of the development system is available for download as a RAR or TAR archive. All source codes contained in it are distributed under the GNU General Public License. If you would like to obtain a different licence, e.g. to use the sources in a commercial project, use the FULL/LITE version or contact the author.

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