Web51 Directory structure

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The following description of the directory structure is intended as a quick reference. Complete and detailed description can be found in Development system and Software.

Directory structure of the CD

The CD contains the following directories:

Selection of utilities is intended for version 1.13 and may change in the future.

The following description details this directory. We recommend to copy the entire WEB51 directory to your hard drive. We also recommend to add /BIN to your PATH search variable.

Directory: /bin

Contains all executables for the Web51 development system, except for the .ASM editor and device programmer.

Depending on the programmer, /bin can also contain ISP programming utilities; see In-System Programming.

Directory: /gnudoc

Directory: /include

Directory: /lib

This directory contains libk and libw libraries, project kernel, and a script that links individual modules and libraries into the final program.

Depending on the licence type (proprietary/GPL), complete source code may or may not be included.

Directory: /cgi

Contains a library of CGI scripts for use in HTML pages. Both sources and compiled versions are there. Distribution version contains binaries compiled for the appropriate libx80


Directory: /projekt

Contains a set of example projects that demonstrate WEB51 programming. We recommend to store your own projects in this directory as well. You will find a basic set of example applications here.

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