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Is Web51 a free project? Can I use it for my application?

The Web51 system is distributed under two licenses. First, the entire project, with the exception of the libk library, is available under the GNU General Public License. Second, the project (except the compiler and other development tools, which are GPL'ed) including the libk library is also available under our proprietary license. - see license

The basic version of Web51 is fully documented. Source code (except for the libk library) is available for free download. This includes source of examples and portions of libraries.

However, part of TCP/IP communication is in a library whose source code is distributed together with our DESIGN KIT only. Binary (compiled) version of this library, as distributed in the free version of our development system, may be freely used for non-commercial purposes without further fees or royalties.

Commercial development based on Web51 is allowed, subject to following conditions. Our DESIGN KIT includes a license for 20 instances of a commercial application that uses portions of Web51 project. Further use of Web51 portions for commercial purposes (beyond the first 20 instances) is subject to a royalty fee. This fee has been set to $ 1 for each instance of a commercial application that contains portion(s) of the Web51 project - see Project description.

What support for developers do you provide?

HW server will continue to publish new examples and code for Web51. However, we'll publish only control subroutines, communication modules, solutions to particular problems, etc. We are not considering publishing our complete applications that we sell as LITE versions of Web51.

HW server plans to launch an e-mail discussion list, publish third-party components, etc.

You can buy the Web51 - designer support, that is, 18 more months of e-mail support and consultations.

What hardware does Web51 need?

CPU - AT89S8252 = 8 kB FLASH / 256 bytes of RAM / EEPROM 2 kB.
Any Intel x51 processor can be used.
Ethernet controller RTL 8019 AS.
Basic version does not use a 74373 latch - operates via ports.
Mainboard provides support for I2C EEPROM and RS232 driver. See the schematics for details.

May I use portions of Web51 software on my own hardware platform?

Of course. All you need to do is change definitions of pin assignments.

Do you plan to support extended x51 processors?

Yes, we plan to use 89C51RD2 - produced by former Temic, today ATMEL Wireless Microcontrollers.

How big is the Web server code?

Basic communication modules of Web51 take up about 4kB FLASH, 400 bytes of EEPROM are recommended.
Remaining FLASH can be used for HTML pages or other applications.

Is the Web server capacity limited by CPU memory?

Further HTML pages, images, etc. that won't fit in the CPU can be stored in external EEPROM, up to the filesystem limitations.
For version 4, we are preparing an expansion module with more RAM and FLASH.

Where can I find documentation for Web51?

For the system in general, seeProject Structure.
If you are interested in a particular solution, we recommend studying our Examples and trying to use them to solve your problem. The DOWNLOAD section also contains assembler docs, linker docs, etc.
Information about the components can be found in References or in the list of datasheets.

Is development on Web51 effective for just a few units?

To benefit from the advantages of Web51, programs must be almost always written in assembler.
Full version of Web51 is therefore ideal for series of at least 20 - 50 units, since simple hardware pushes unit cost down but increases time needed for development and studying.

So, what if I need to network 10 devices?

Sometimes, LITE versions of Web51 can be used for smaller series. Applications can be controlled over RS232. Details about LITE versions are in Project description.

Can I use Web51 to serve data from, let's say, a USB camera?

Web51 is not intended for large data flows, the limit is about 80kbit/s.

Why do you advertise a Web server for $40 - your price is higher?

$40 is the average price of components needed to build one unit. Our price includes portion of the development costs, in some cases full source codes, development support, and more.

Why should I buy Web51?

See the order form for more details.

Can I use Web51 to connect our device to a TCP/IP network?

Yes, some of our LITE versions of Web51 serve such purpose. Device can be controlled for instance over RS232.

Can i use general UDP and TCP with Web51?

Yes, Web 51 is not just a Web server. Our examples detail the following protocols and their usage:

Descriptions of Web 51 Applications contain more details.

How can I order Web51, what methods of payment are acceptable?

You can order different versions of Web51 here. Major credit cards are accepted. Prices are on the order form.

Who has developed and distributes Web51?

Information about us is on the order page. Web51 is distributed by HW server. You can only order it here.

Information about the Web 51 project

If you would like to receive information about the Web51 project and these pages, you may subscribe to our mailing list. Your e-mail will not be disclosed to any third parties. We send no more than two mailings per month.

Any questions ? - Please email us - details in the Contacts, or try the FAQ - Frequently asked questions.

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