Linking order

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The described Makefile structure ensures compiling of the entire project into a .HEX file. Here is a summary of the steps necessary to compile any project and their order. Please pay attention to Contents of libraries.

Link order

Contents of libraries

Communication routines that talk to the Realtek 8019AS controller, and others, consist of many source files; however, the result is stored in 2 libraries. Two binary versions for use with examples are provided:

Pre-compiled, renamed libraries libw.a and libk.a are:

More details about libraries are in the descriptions of the development system, libk and libw.

Linker accepts several conventions for specifying library names on command line:

As already mentioned, libk must be linked before libw since libk uses several functions from libw and linking is not recursive. (It is within a single library, though, so it does not matter in which order are modules added to a library.)

Makefile is processed from the top down. If an item is missing and needs to be created (compiled), processing starts again from the top.

Finally, re-read the paragraph about creating www8051.o in Makefile Structure - everything should be clear now.

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