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Charon module

  • Twisted Pair Ethernet 10 Mbit 802.3
  • Serial TTL level compatible line RS232 (RxD, TxD, RTS, CTS)
  • 32 kB RAM, 64 kB FLASH, 2kB EEPROM
  • Software library for management and applications (Delphi, C, Visual Basic, Web Control)
  • Preloaded Ethernet to serial line application:
  • Data transfer over TCP/IP and UDP/IP
  • Support of the security and authorized communication.
  • Almost all possibilities of the RS232 serial data transfer configuration are supported (9 bit communication, 2bit parity, free baudrate 50-115.200 Bd)
  • RS485-Ethernet conversion support : selectable polarity of RTS, HW echo, Half/Full Duplex Tx Control etc..
  • 10 TTL general purpose I/O pins accessible by NVT.
  • Configurable transmission parameters to send data from continuous RS232 line in packet to the Ethernet (Packet length, frame start/stop definition etc..).
  • Charon setup is accessible locally over RS232 or over the network (UDP/IP or Telnet and RFC2217).
Web51 - Charon module
Detailed datasheet: Web51 - Charon.

Price: $50/qty. 500 ($80/qty 1)

Web51 Features

Development tools

Web51 GNU GPL projekt

The entire application of a small WWW server listening at port 80 and a TELNET server at port 23 is a free project covered by the GNU General Public License. It can be downloaded from our project page, including the source code. Source code of the entire project is available under GNU GPL, with the exception of the communication library that is available in binary form. The freely-redistributable GPL'ed package also contains a development environment, assembler and linker.



The Web51 project is open in terms of SW as well as HW. If you would like to create your own solution with a similar hardware, you may find it difficult to purchase Ethernet controller RTL8019 in small quantities. Starting in July 2002, we offer the chip set that brings Ethernet to your microcontroller.

May 2002 - aprox. $35.  For current price, see the pricelist.

Web51 - Design KIT + SUPPORT

Set of HW and SW for development of Web51-based applications. Contains a Web51 hardware kit with microcontrollers AT89S8252 and T89C51RD2, the Ethernet HW CD with the addition of library source code that is not available under GPL, development environment for both Windows and Linux, unique MAC address and a printed manual.

The Design KIT also contains a licence for use of our original Web51 technology in commercial applications.

Full version of the Web51 design kit
  • Populated and verified testing KIT.
  • Unique MAC address.
  • CD with complete docs and project description in PDF and HTML, including unreleased portions.
  • Complete source code on CD (includes the libk library).
  • DESIGNER SUPPORT ensures free updates of the commercial version and developer support for 18 months.

Detailed product datasheet: Web51 - DESIGNER FULL / LITE.
May 2002 - aprox. $280.  For current price, see the pricelist.

Web51 - Design KIT

Contains the complete "Design KIT" and also development support, discounts for classes and literature, etc...

Web51 Development version
  • Populated and verified test KIT in DIL packages.
  • Complete PCB and HW docs.
  • Unique MAC address.
  • CD with complete information and project description in PDF and HTML.
  • Unreleased portions of HW, SW and Ethernet docs.
  • Complete source code (including the libk library).

Detailed product datasheet: Web51 - DESIGNER FULL / LITE.
May 2002 - aprox. $315.  For current price, see the pricelist.

Web51 - Designer support

Technical support for developers that use Web51. Included with a discount in the "Web51 - designer full version".
  • Free updates to higher commercial versions within 18 months of purchase.
  • Free e-mail advice and technical consultations about the system.
  • Zasílání aktuálních informací.
  • 30% discount on all of our classes related to the Web51 system.

May 2002 - aprox. $60.  For current price, see the pricelist.


Microcontrollers from the AVR family and several x51 compatibles by Atmel (AT89LS8252) can be serially programmed in-circuit.
We recommend this programmer if you use the AT89LS8252 processor in Web51.
  • Connects to the parallel port, leaving the serial port available for the application being developed.
  • Software for Windows 95,98 and Windows NT/2000 (SW contains fast drivers for W9x as well as slower ones that work in NT and 2000 too).
  • Software is very user-friendly and developer-friendly. For example, it supports automatic reloading of the .hex file before each programming - a must in any multi-tasking development environment...
  • Shipped as a complete kit including software.
May 2002 - aprox. $25.  For current price, see the pricelist.

Web51 compatible HW boards

Web51 HW KIT - version 3.68

HW KIT - v3.68 Simplified hardware designed for initial familiarization with the features of a small Web server. Complete documentation is available on the project web pages. In this simplified kit, the Ethernet controller RTL8019AS is connected to 16 pins of an x51 compatible controller in DIL package. A fully functional WWW server that responds to Echo requests and serves HTML pages or a telnet server to remote access for the serial port.
All published examples work with this hardware and can be loaded and run right away (such as I/O control, simple temperature measurement, LCD interface, TELNET access to serial port over a TCP/IP network, and more).

Sep 2002 - aprox. $170.  For current price, see the pricelist.

Web51 HW - version 4.x

HW KIT - v4.x Industrial version designed with respect for EMC etc. Wiring is similar to version 3.x = only internal RAM and FLASH of MCU. Most final Ethernet applications - serial converters and I/O controllers - are based on this hardware.
Optional add-ons, such as a metal box, RS485 module, fixing utilities, etc. are available. This hardware is fully compatible with the Web51 development system.

There are optocouplers and relays for industrial usage, schematic is included in the documentation of this HW version.

Sep 2002 - aprox. $210.  For current price, see the pricelist.

Web51 HW - version 5.x

HW KIT - v5.x Industrial version designed with respect for EMC with 32 kB RAM and 512 kB FLASH. Compatible with Web51 development system starting with version 1.15 for the ASM version and version 2.0 for the C version. There are only 3 optocouplers on inputs and 2 relays but all additional peripheral are expandable via extension modules.
Optional add-ons, such as a metal box, RS485 module, fixing utilities, etc. are available.

Sep 2002 - aprox. $210.  For current price, see the pricelist.

Web51 HW - Modules

Web51 HW - version 6.x and 7.x (modules) Will be available in October 2002..

Turn-key solutions

RS232/485 - ETHERNET converter

Web51 - Konvertor

Converts the serial line to an Ethernet connection and vice versa; supports RS485 communication. TCP/IP and UDP/IP supported on the Ethernet side. Devices may communicate with each other or with a computer (server or workstation). Can be used as a buffer for collecting data from a serial port, to remotely control a technological process, or for remote attachment of peripherals.

Support includes device control subroutines for a wide range of programming languages and operating systems.
Device can be embedded into custom peripherals; complete docs of the hardware are available upon request.

Features of the converter
Detailed product datasheet: RS232/485 - ETHERNET konvertor.
May 2002 - aprox. $250.  For current price, see the pricelist.

ETHERNET I/O Controller

Allows remote control and monitoring of up to 24 inputs and outputs, or, for example, to measure temperature. Monitoring and control is managed by an authorized WWW interface, Telnet with the option to establish connection upon input changes, or by e-mail.

Typical applications include an intelligent watchdog controlled over a network that can buffer and send reports of performed operations or changes of inputs. For the I/O controller, a library supported in several visualization and control software is available.

Without any PC, this device can, for example, make a PBX or a security panel accessible over the Ethernet, turn on or off any applance, or send you an email saying "A mouse is in the mouse trap, remove it and add more cheese"...

Web51 - IO Controller
May 2002 - aprox. $280.  For current price, see the pricelist.

Web51 - Application Board

Industrial version of Web51 intended for turn-key applications.
  • Populated and tested hardware.
  • Documentation of hardware.
  • CE certificate.
  • Unique MAC address.
  • Shipped with no software, blank CPU.
  • Complete development SW is available for a surcharge (turning the board into a "Web51 Design version" with better hardware).
  • We are preparing a set of peripheral modules (AD converters, I/O module, RELAY module, ...) - For details, e-mail us.

Detailed product datasheet will be released soon.

May 2002 - aprox. $150 - $300.  For current price, see the pricelist.
Web51 - Aplication version


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