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Part 2 - Transmission of packets

Implementation of packet transmission is very simple. Since the device does not contain a FIFO fot the entire packet and transmits from memory through a DMA channel, it is necessary to wait for transmission to end before constructing another packet in RTL's memory. Another option would be to alternate between two transmit buffers, transmitting a packet from one of them and constructing a packet in the other one. However, even in this case we have to wait sometimes for current transmission to finish. The following code fragment ensures just that:
;***            S E N D   P A C K E T                       **

;** wait for end of previous transmit

First, set a timeout to avoid freezing. Value is chosen so that the packet is either transmitted in full or thrown away as undeliverable.

        MOV     DPTR,#-40982    ;max coll time = 1024*7 Ethernet slot units (51.2us)

Read the transmission status bit in a loop. If there is no transmission, end the loop.

        ISAIN   EN_CMD
        JNB     BIT_TRANS,end_tx_wait
        INC     DPTR
        MOV     A,DPH
        ORL     A,DPL

Alternatively, end the loop if timeout occurs.

        JNZ     tx_wait1
;;Transmit, with error
;; set errors flag...

If there's no transmission going on, construct a packet to be transmitted in RTL's memory. Include a required Ethernet header with source and destination MAC addresses and packet length. The following code transmits the packet.

;** send packet
;input: R6R7            Transmit Byte Count

First, to be sure, wait for previous transmission to finish.

; Wait for end of previous transmit
        ACALL   tx_wait

Then, check the result of last transmission. If error, set appropriate bits for software handling of transmission error.

; Check for recent TX completions in the interrupt status register
        ISAIN   EN0_ISR         ; Interrupt status reg
        ANL     A,#ENISR_TX_ERR+ENISR_TX ; Pending Tx interrupts?
        JZ      tx_idle         ; No, Go on new Tx
;       JNB     BITISR_TX_ERR, XmitFrameNoErr
;; Transmit, with error
;; set errors flag...

If a transmission occured, read detailed completion status and store or handle it.

        ISAIN   EN0_TSR         ; Read Transmit status reg
;; save transmit status...

As a final step of processing of previous transmission, acknowledge interrupt from the transmitter.

; Acknowledge the TX interrupt
        ISAOUT  EN0_ISR, #ENISR_TX_ERR+ENISR_TX ; Interrupt status reg
                                ; Set Transmitter Interrupt, with/no error

Before transmission, verify allowed packet length. First, check if it is less or equal to the maximum 1500 data bytes + 14 header bytes. Throw away longer packets.

        MOV     A,R7            ; Is packet too large ?
        ADD     A,#LOW(-GIANT-1)
        MOV     A,R6
        ADD     A,#HIGH(-GIANT-1)
        JNC     XmitNoGiant
;; set errors flag...

Then, make sure the packet is at least 46+14 bytes long.

        MOV     A,R6            ; Is the frame long enough ?
        JNZ     XmitNoRunt
        MOV     A,R7
        ADD     A,#-RUNT
        JC      XmitNoRunt

If shorter, stretch it to the minimal allowed size (fill in with junk from previously transmitted packets, undefined values).

;;      MOV     R6,#HIGH(RUNT)  ; Stretch frame to minimum allowed
        MOV     R7,#LOW(RUNT)

Finally, tell RTL the length of the packet and its location in memory(*). Then, start transmission.

        PORTDATA        EN0_TCNTHI+portind,AR6  ; High byte of tx byte count
        PORTDATA        EN0_TCNTLO+portind,AR7  ; Low  byte of tx byte count
        PORTDATA        EN0_TPSR,NE_START_PG    ; Transmit starting page
                                ; First page of TX buffer
                                ; Remote DMA, Transmit a frame,
                                ; Start the chip, clear reset
Dil 2Packet Driver RTL8019AS, Part 3

(*) Since version 1.13, memory structure has been modified to support more transmission buffers. Transmission buffer address is no longer a constant; therefore, the above fragment has been modified in the current version.

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