Web 51 - "Telnet" Setup

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Example application that transports data from the serial line over TCP/IP. Uses a higher version of the libary that supports serial line, "telnet" client and http server. Result is a WWW-configurable ETHERNET-RS232 converter that implements full TCP/IP.

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Configuration of the "telnet" server Web 51, shown in the "serial" example, can be displayed and changed with CGI scripts. In the described configuration, several html pages and scripts are stored in the CPU; some of them are in EEPROM, some in FLASH.


Server root page, index.html, displays the configuration.


The config.html page allows the configuration to be changed.


setup.html allows switching between the default and the generated profile.

Password for configuration changes is stored in passwd.asm in the password: definition.
(For the inpatient ones: this example uses 1234.)

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