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Web51 is a complex project of connecting an Intel x51 compatible processor to a Realtek RTL8019AS network controller. The result is a very low-cost Ethernet interface. Since a well-known x51 architecture is used, even small and medium-scale businesses can now network their devices.

Basic philosophy of Web51:
  • Project is free. Almost all source codes are available. - DOWNLOAD
  • Project distribution contains many examples that will help you develop your own applications. - EXAMPLES
  • You can order final modules with application or the development kit with the full software as well as technical support. Prices start at $170. - PURCHASE

Project description contains more information.


Contents of this documentation

sipky 1. Hardware Description of the Web51 hardware.
Schematics, PCB layouts, photos, bill of materials...

sipky 2. Project structure Overview of the entire project, linking of individual parts into final code. After getting acquainted with the hardware, continue here.

sipky 3. Software Detailed description of individual software portions.
RTL8019 control, P-Code implementation, processing of Ethernet packets,...

sipky 4. Ethernet General description of the Ethernet.
Here you can learn the basics about the physical layer of the Ethernet.

sipky 5. Examples Description of examples, comments.
We recommend reading description of examples after Project structure.

sipky 6. Links - References References, RFC's, datasheets, links to similar projects...

More details are in Contents

Information about the Web 51 project

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